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KPM Ford Performance Flash Tuning

KPM MOTORSPORT has been proudly upgrading BA, BF, and FG Falcons since their release.  While the Exede piggy back systems were initially used for tuning, we have since become Adelaide’s first Master Dealer and Tuner for the SCT Flash Tuner which we now use and call KPM Edit. The Flash Tuner is a small control box in which we load the 3 Upgrade ECU edits (computer tunes).  All three upgrade tunes are installed directly onto your car's computer, much like uploading information or programs onto your home PC.  Once installed, you can then easily select from 3 different upgrade tunes at will! The KPM Ford Edit is available for the following cars: 3V-V8 XR8 GT Range F6 Range STANDARD 6 CYL XR6 XR6 TURBO Territor/ F6 X F-250 7.4L Focus XR5

Three Upgrade Tunes Available:

The Valet Tune used for gentle driving only and will restrict the motor to a maximum of 3000rpm.  This upgrade tune is great if lending your car to friends or family.

The 95 Octane Tune is a performance tune programmed for the use of normal unleaded fuel when a high octane fuel is not available.

The Performance Tune is a generic tune for high performance when high octane fuel is used.

Xcalibrator 4 Flasher Box Including 3 Tunes

Total $825.00 inc. GST 


KPM Ford Edit Custom Tune KPMs Ford Edit also offers a more specialised Custom Tune for achieving the best results from your cars performance capabilities.  When a Custom Tune is performed on your vehicle, we assess all factory set parameters and adjust them to achieve the optimum performance possible on your cars individual modifications.   KPM Custom Tuning x 1 Edit with no Flash Box Required, all custom tuned on our dyno Total $1290.00 inc. GST   KPM XCalibrator 4 Flasher Box ( $825 ) , 1 edit plus original factory edit, all custom tuned on our dyno ( $690 ) Total $1515.00 inc. GST   KPM XCalibrator 4 Flasher Box ( $825 ) , 3 edits plus original factory edit, all custom tuned on our dyno ( $790 ) Total  $1615.00 inc. GST