VE-VF & VF GTS Streetfighter Wheels

Made in Australia exclusively for Streetfighter by R.O.

With the extra power that the amazing VE-VF & VF 6.2ltt GTS supercharged delivers , traction from the standard wheels /tyres becomes an issue. For this reason Streetfigher has developed a wheel package to suit.

These wheels are made of high quality cast aluminium and finished off in the Signature Streetfighter black.

Streetfighter offer this wheel as our signature series for the VE- VF Commodore, due to their great enhanced looks, high quality and exceptional value .

Sizing and offsets are exclusive to Streetfighter to perfectly fit VE-VF & VF GTS.

Front 8.5 x 20

Rear 9.5 x 20


Supply Only: $360.00 each

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