Streetfighter: Customised Dyno Tuning/Reprogamming

At KPM we are specialists in  Streetfighter high performance tuning of your VF Commodore computer.

With a Streetfighter performance tune, your individual vehicle will be carefully and systematically Tuned/Reprogrammed on our chassis dyno to achieve the very best power, performance and driveability. Additionally, you will improve your engine's tune/program and fuel economy.

In the Streetfighter Performance tune, we re-map fuel, ignition curves and injector scaling to get the optimum power and driveability. In tuning, we work on volumetric efficiency, power enrichment, low/high octane ignition tables, IAT load correction cat overtemp protection recalibration, maximum torque – torque management reset, abuse mode recalibration, fan temperature switch control, transmission shift control, speed limiter (VU series only), fan speed switching, MAF error code removal and more.

What this all means to you is:
More Power and Performance

Streetfighter Customised Dyno Tune/Reprogram: $990


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