Streetfighter Customised Dyno Tuning /Reprogramming 

Streetfighter workshops Australia wide are specialist in High performance tuning and reprogramming  of your VF Commodore  Computer.

The Streetfighter Performance tune is simply, your individual vehicle carefully and systematically tuned/reprogrammed on our chassis dyno to achieve the very best power,performance and driveability for your VF Commodore. The extra advantage is that as you improve your engines tune/program, the fuel economy also improves.

Etra power, performance and improved fuel economy.

As per all vehicle manufacturers world wide, Holden/HSV engineers do agreat job in offering a vehicle tune/program that suits the model lin all conditions and enviroments. This includes a tune program that allows for varying or poor fuels in varying regions. The manufacturer engineers also take into account differing driving styles and levels of maintenace.

Due to the same tune/program being loaded into a mass production of vehicles and taking into account all the considerations above, manufavturers will always take a conservative and restrictive approach and offer a vehicle tune/program below its peak performance level.

This allows for a healthy percentage of consevatism should the vehicle be exposed to any non ideal enviroments.

Streetfighter workshops understand this and are able to take advantage of the factory conservative tunes. We utilise the same methods of tune/programming as the Holden/HSV engineers to ensure that your VF Commodore runs at its premium.The difference to the manufacturing tuning/program is that we individually take a vehicle and customise the tuning on our chassis dyno whilst carefully monitiring all systems to suit the individual vehicle/conditions and fuels.

The results are a perfect tune giving increased power,improved driveability and in most cases improved fuel economy.And even more importantly every car is tuned with perfect lifetime reliability.

Streetfighter customised tuning/programming can also be used to upgrade to even further power levels with the addition of added performance components including our Streetfighter Over the Radiator air intakes,exhaust systems,camshaft upgrades,supercharger and more.

Nothing Comes Close

Streetfighter Tuning Products

Streetfighter Customised Dyno Tuning/Reprogramming 

Expect 20-30kw increase

Streetfighter over the radiator Air Intake System

Expect 7-10kw increas

  • Over the radiator intake delivers larger masses of unrestricted cool dense air into the engine
  • Lifetime performance washable cloth filter,flows larger clean masses of air