Streetfighter Twin 60mm Throttle Body Upgrade 




As part of our ongoing 5.0 S/C Coyote developments KPM have now engineered a new Twin Throttle Body and Manifold to further advance the performance levels over standard assembly.
Our twin throttle body has been designed and engineered to the highest levels of performance, quality and fit. These are the attributes and philosophy on all Streetfighter products. We call this upgrade.  
Streetfighter Twin 60mm Throttle Body Upgrade  
To Suit FG GS, GT, GT-P , GT-E 5.0 S/C
  • Bolt on 20 kw Increase over standard
  • Allows more power at lower boost
  • Removes throttle response lag
  • Improves low to mid-range response and acceleration
  • Mustang Factory Twin 60mm Throttle body
  • Larger intake manifold for ultimate power and response
  • Modular fit with the Streetfighter Intercooler Kit 
  • Higher Performance and efficiency at standard levels
  • Must for ultimate high power applications
  • OEM finish and quality
On your standard GS, GT, GT-P or GT-E 5.0 S/C the Streetfighter  Twin Throttle Body package will deliver higher performance, better throttle response and acceleration all at lower boost levels!
This means that your engine and supercharger will be working more efficiently with less strain to delivery more power.
You supercharger will not need to be spun as quickly, which means intake air temperatures will remain cooler, which means your engine combustion temperatures are lower. Simply, improved reliability with more power.
This becomes even more important when upgrading the 5.0 S/C to high power levels.
The Streetfighter Throttle body has been developed to fit and work perfectly with our Streetfighter Intercooler System for ultimate efficiency and lifetime reliability.
Streetfighter products and packages are available with 3 Year Factory Warranty Protection when fitted by a selected Ford dealer or Streetfighter specialist workshops.  
Reliability, efficiency with more power and piece of mind warranty protection.  
Only available with Streetfighter products and Packages Australia Wide.
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Supply Fit and Tune Package Price:


  • Twin 60mm Throttle Body
  • Larger OEM Style Cast Intake Runner 
  • Re-Inforced Intake Rubber Ducting to suit
  • All brakets and bolts for fitmant
  • SCT Flash Tuner
  • Customised Tuning on Dyno to suit

 $4825.00  Including Factory Warranty Protection*  /  $3875.00  Excluding Warranty



  • Ford Racing Twin 65ml Throttle Body

 $5385.00 Including Factory Warranty Protection* / $4435.00 Excluding Warranty

Supply Only Price:


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BMC High Flow Twin Intake Filter 
Entry Level Intercooling
Streetfighter Level 2 Intercooling


KPM Care Limited Drive Line Warranty *
Available Australia Wide
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