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Oran Park Sydney

On the 3rd and 4th August KPM motorsport was invited as one of the top workshops in Australia to Oran Park by Motor Magazine to participate in its first annual “Hot Tuner Shootout”, to find the fastest car in the country “Australia” 
It was essentially a task for KPM motorsport to create the ultimate street legal motoring missile within a set of criteria and rules.
  • Car to be street legal and based on a standard vehicle available for public sale within  Australia
  • All modifications permitted as long as they meet state regulations for registration purposes
  • All components, modifications etc must be available for sale to Australian consumers
With this in mind KPM Motorsport crew created the ultimate Holden Commodore VE SS.On Monday August 3rd The KPM Holden made its way to the Eastern Creek Raceway for a Dyno Run .It was then directed next door to Western Sydney International Dragway (WSID) for straight line performance testing by David Morley.

Tuesday August 4th we met at Oran Park Raceway where our Holden KPM VE SS was track tested and taken for a grilling by Warren Luff and John Bowe on the North and south circuit.
Our car was Tested and scored on  Dyno (kw)
  • 0-100KM/H 
  •  0-400M 
  • VMAX @ 400M
  • 100-0KM/H

There were some great comments made by David Morley “Insane in the membrane.Scary fast & way to purple.
Warren Luff “Wow! Probably one of the most impressive things I’ve ever driven in terms of raw power”
John Bowie “A Commodore was never designed to have this much power. It’s just a monster in a straight line. It’s like riding a bull--- a bloody big one!
In the Motor September edition see full article click here   
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