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KPM Premium Hand Built Holden Performance Exhaust Systems

KPM are proud to release a full range of Hand Built Holden Performance Exhaust Systems designed to suit all the Holden vehicle range.

Our years of experience in tuning these vehicles have highlighted the many benefits and pitfalls of numerous aftermarket exhaust systems.

KPM has now decided to develop its own Holden Performance exhaust systems that sound and look great, and are made to stringent quality levels.

Our extensive tuning development on these systems has allowed us to develop a premium range of exhaust systems available for all the Gen 3 and Gen 4 V8 Holden Sedans, Utes, Crewman HSV Range etc.

KPM’s research and development in exhaust systems has enabled us to build some of the fastest and most powerful Holdens in Australia.

No matter what your Holden Performance exhaust requirements, we can supply and build a quality, fully developed exhaust system to meet any of your standard street, performance street or full power and race applications.

All KPM Holden Performance exhausts are made with only the highest quality materials, Australian sourced and developed products, which we guarantee not to drone*. We are also able to provide a conditional Guarantee on our Full 304 Stainless Steel Systems.

Our Holden Performance exhaust systems are accurately checked on our dyno and specification sheets are provided with before and after readings.

All KPM Premium Exhausts are built using premium 304 Grade Stainless Steel Tubing and Components.

All KPM Premium 304 Stainless Steel Exhausts come with 3 Year Guarantees*

*Conditions Apply

Every component on our KPM systems are of the highest quality making for the BEST SOUNDING, and PERFORMING, exhaust systems in Australia.
Our systems are guaranteed not to Drone*!!
We use only 304 highest grade stainless steel which allows us to give a conditional guarantee on all our systems.
Under acceleration there is no better sounding system in Australia than our Full Premium 3 inch.
We have translated this now into our 2.5 inch range which gives the same V8 Supercar sound under full noise but with the mature manners for your every day driving. The finished look stands above the rest with our QUAD EXIT 3.5 Inch Twin Skin Stainless steel Tips. 
We have now released OUR full range of VE V8 Commodore Performance exhausts to suit SS, R8, HSV in Sedan, Ute and Wagon models.
Our premium manufactured KPM 2.5 Inch and 3 inch exhaust systems are now available in modular formats to suit all applications.
This means that all components are interchangeable by bolt up for future upgrades.
Delivery is usually 1-3 days Australia wide.
* Due to varying results from the VE Sportwagon Models, our No Drone guarantee does not apply to this model. 
  Our experiance and recomendation is that the Sportswagon may or may not drone from vehicle to vehicle. 

 KPM VE 6.0, 6.2  Premium Custom Handbuilt 304 Stainless  Steel Exhaust Systems

KPM is dedicated to providing only premium quality hand built exhaust systems for our customers.

All KPM VE Exhaust systems can be purchased as a Supply Only through our Online StoreWe can freight anywhere in Australia, and if you wish, we can direct you to one of our support workshops in each State for professionally fitmant.

Otherwise, if you are local, KPM can professionally manufacture, fit and dyno test your exhaust system at our premises.

2.5 Inch Exhaust Systems

Supply Only*


Supplied, Fitted
and Dyno Tested*

EX36 Cat-Back








EXHSV25 Header Back System (HSV Models Only)






EX38A Full System, Non Ceramic Headers

(4 into 1 Performance Headers)




EX38 Full System, Ceramic Headers

(4 into 1 Performance Headers)





3.0 Inch Exhaust Systems

Supply Only*


Supplied, Fitted
and Dyno Tested*

EX36 Cat-Back








EXHSV30 Header Back System (HSV Models Only)





EX82A Full System, Non Ceramic Headers

(4 into 1 Performance Headers)




EX82 Full System, Ceramic Headers

(4 into 1 Performance Headers)







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KPM 3 Inch SLC Exhaust System Sound File




*Freight Australia Wide Extra

**Dyno testing refers to a before and after exhaust fitmant power check on the dyno. It does not refer to Dyno Tuning in any way.

It is carried out to supply the customer with a dyno power graph increase from the exhaust upgrade.
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Holden Performance Exhaust systems �€“ KPM Motorsport Hand Built Holden Performance Exhausts systems �€“ KPM Motorsport Holden Performance Exhausts

Recommended Exhaust Applications


KPM Cat-Back Exhausts

If you are not concerned on ultimate power levels or further upgrades the cat-back option in either 2.5 inch or 3 inch is a great entry level exhaust. KPM supply this exhaust to Holden delears and retail customers looking for a great V8 note a step above the standard exhaust.

The choice here is mild smooth note (2.5 inch) or louder deeper note (3 inch.)


Calais - Sedan

 _MG_9943[2].jpg   _MG_9926[1].jpg


KPM HSV Header Back Exhausts

If you feel that you want to achieve best power levels at a more affordable cost I suggest the KPM HSV Header Back Exhaust.This will utilise your existing HSV headers and give you great power and note.
Once again the choice here is mild smooth note (2.5 inch) or louder deeper note (3 inch)

Suits: (HSV models only)


IMG_5987[1].jpg           IMG_5970[1].jpg



KPM Full Exhausts

This exhaust replaces your factory headers  with a larger more free flowing upgraded header. I suggest this exhaust when chasing maximum power and note or if you are planning future upgrades:
The KPM 2.5 inch is suited to standard applications and supports upgraded cams and low level supercharging.
The KPM Full 3 inch is our biggest system with an amazing supercar note. It is suited for maximum power on standard applications and supports power levels up to 900Hp.

KPMCeramicHeadersandHighFlowcats[1].jpg      _MG_9893[2].jpg

Calais - Sedan


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