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KPM Motorsport can now supply complete fuel system options for every BA-FG Sedan, Ute and engine options.
With our full range of match flowed EV14 injectors coupled with our 460 lph or 600 lph in tank fuel modules, KPM have covered all your fuel system needs.

We offer a total solution by supplying our modules as a kit with all components a direct replacement fit, with plug in looms, and correct pressures for your application.
If you wish we can go a step further and supply the correct fuel injector for your vehicle, power level and fuel module.
We can even go a step further and supply you the SCT Flash Tuner with correct injector scaling so you can fit all your components yourself then drive your vehicle to have it tuned.

To save confusion and allow hassle free selection we have attached a chart below to aid in the correct fuel module and injector choice for your application.

Walbro 460 Fuel Module Kit                                                                   Streetfighter 1000Hp Fuel Module Kit

Suits BA-FG Sedan / Ute                                                                                   Suits BF MK2 Dedan / FG Sedan



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