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KPM Trackday Heroes Leaderboard

Welcome to the KPM trackday Heroes Page
This page will be kept as an up to date record of all timed events on our KPM trackdays at Mallala, you can use this to compare times against your mates or rivals, and to keep a record of your own acheivements for future reference.

If you are interested in taking part in any of our KPM Trackdays please see our events page for details

Results are in from our latest trackday at Mallala on the 4th April 2011
We had three timed events on the day as follows;
  • 200m drags                           
  • Fastest lap sprint                   
  • Timed run through wet turn 1
All participating drivers best times for each event will be posted here,  each time someone improves their time it will be amended.
Pictures from each trackday can be found in our Events Gallery

Timed 200m Drag Race Leaderboard

Name               Nickname Car                  Time
 Matthew Fairweather    Nissan Skyline R33 GTR  7.66
 Kevin Cooke    Subaru WRX  8.06
 Quenten Watkins    Subaru Impreza STI  8.29
 Ric Collins    Subaru Impreza STI  8.64
 Sean Day    Subaru STi  8.70
 Wayne Pengilly  Toxic F6  Ford F6 Typhon  8.70
 George Kostimiris    Subaru Liberty  8.76
 Christopher Saunders    Mitsubishi EVO 9  8.78
 Frank Nicholson  Old_Phoon  Ford F6 Typhoon  8.81
 Daryl Shipway    FG Falcon XR6T  8.89
 Alex Pikl    Subaru WRX  8.90
 Kai Ashcroft    Mazda RX7  8.90
 Craig Burgess    Mitsubishi Evo  8.96
 Damian Cappo    Subaru WRX  8.99
 Brian Jewaskiewitz    Subaru Impreza STI  9.04
 David Roscio  KPM  KPM VE SS Commodore  9.11
 Mark Marcheson   ET  Nissan S15 N/A  9.13 
 Barry Hawke    Nissan 300ZX  9.20
 Graham Davidson     Subaru WRX  9.21
 Vince Taylor  vincexr6t  Ford Falcon XR6T  9.24
 Leigh Morris    Subaru WRX STI  9.30
 Steve Arnold    VZ Senator  9.32
 Andrew Monks    Falcon XR6  9.37
 Ben White    KPM Ben  Nissan S15  9.39
 Allan Carli  BAturb  Ford XR6T Ute  9.48
 Peter Saunders    Nissan R33 GTS  9.48
 Scott Stevenson    BA XR8 Falcon s/c  9.49
 Ryan Verner    Mitsubishi Evo  9.50
 Michael Harding    Subaru Liberty  9.56
 Darryl Shipway  Bloosted  Ford Typhoon  9.57
 Luke Dumbleton    Monaro  9.63
 Tony Locampo  The Tone  VE SSV Commodore  9.65
 Dan Squire    FG Falcon XR6T  9.67
 Neville O'Brien    SS Thunder  9.70
 Gary Prince    Subaru WRX  9.70
 Brenton Thorndike    Subaru Impreza STI  9.73
 Chris Hawkes    VE GTS  9.74
 Simon Tscheresch    Holden VY SS  9.85
 Ke Liu    Mitsubishi Evo  9.94
 Wayne Pengilly  ToxicF6  Ford F6 Typhon  9.98
 Trec Smith    Holden Maloo Ute 10.00
 Mark Tolfts    Subaru WRX STi 10.03
 Toby Langley    BMW E39 M5 10.04 
 Peter Collins    VE SS Commodore 10.06
 Peter Anderson    Ford Tornado  10.11
 Jehad Ali    Subaru STI 10.16
 John Osborn    Nissan Sylvia 10.19
 Tony Day    Mustang Saleen  10.20
 Chris Durward  Rexy  Subaru Imprezza STi 10.27
 Lee Slessor    WH Statesman 10.27
 Bil Feeneyl    HSV Coupe 4 10.29
 Peter Schifilliti  Shifty  Ford F6 Typhoon 10.34
 Todd Moore    Subaru WRX 10.35
 Andrew Discombe    Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo 10.37
 Shane Bowering    Subaru Imprezza 10.39
 Ben Clarke    Subaru WRX 10.45
 Tom Crisa    Nissan Skyline GT4 10.45
 Michael O'Donnell    Commodore V6 S/C 10.45
 Daniel Crisa    Nissan Skyline R32 10.46
 Adrian    Holden VT 10.49
Alexi Apostolopoulus    Ford XR6 Turbo 10.49
 John Kozlovoc  ATMO_SIX  Ford BA XR6 10.67
 C Gaetjens    Mitsubishi EVO 6  10.52
 Peter Finch    FPV F6 10.62
 John Farley  
 Ford Falcon XC Coupe 10.72
 Joe Chung    Subaru WRX 10.78
 Sacha Bucher    Ford Focus XR5 10.83
 Aaron Kirsh    Mazda 3 MPS 10.84
 Paul Rogers    Mitsubishi Evo 9 10.86
 Doug Francis    Holden Commodore VN 11.02
 Damien Reed  Damo  Toyota Celica LT 1976 11.04
 Jacqui Williams  XRCHIC  Ford Falcon XR6  11.43
 Joshua King    VS ute 11.61
 Jeff McDonald  MACK06  Ford Falcon AU 11.63
 Mike Rogers    BMW 320i E46 11.72
 Scott Casaretto  MoreHPformyXR6  Ford Falcon BAII  XR6 11.77
 Rhys Munro  2lt_Scort  Ford Escort MK2 12.79

Lap Time Leaderboard





 Sean Day


 Subaru Imprezza STi


 Andrew Octoman    GTR 1.19.81
 KPM_Gary  KPM_Gary  BMW E36 1.19.90
 Brian Jewaskiewitz    Subaru Imprezza STI 1.20.00
 Ric Collins    Subaru Imprezza STi 1.20.20
 John Osborn    Nissan Silvia 1.20.21
 KPM_Gary  KPM Coyote Streefighter KPM FPV Coyote GS S/C 1.20.80
 Brenton Thorndike    Subaru STI 1.21.17

 Sam Philp


 Subaru Imprezza WRX


 Bruce Heinrich  KPM_ Bruce  KPM Holden VE SSV Commodore 1.22.04
 Adrian    KPM VT SS 1.22.20
 Damien Brand    Subaru WRX STI 1.22.80

 Matthew Fairweather


 Nissan Skyline


 Matt Longhurst    Nissan GTR 1.22.91
 Wayne Pengilly  Toxic F6  Ford F6 Typhoon 1.23.19
 Ryan Verner    Mitsubishi Evo 1.23.34
 Quenten Watkins    Subaru Imprezza STI 1.23.74
 Trevor Bendix  KPM_Trevor  KPM Holden VE SSV Commodore 1.24.25 
 Craig Burgess    Mitsubishi Evo 1.24.35

 Darryl Shipway

 Bloosted  Ford F6 Typhoon 1.24.40
 James Cuevas    Nissan 1.24.60
 David Roscio  KPM_David  VE SSV Commodore 1.24.80
 Mark Tolfts    Subaru Imprezza WRX STi 1.25.03
 Leigh Moriss    Subaru WRX STI 1.25.29
 Damien Cappo    Subaru WRX 1.25.54
 Tony Day    Mustang Saleen 1.25.61
 Jason Massey     Nissan R33 1.25.72
 Scott Stevenson    Ford BA Falcon 1.25.97

 Peter Saunders


 Nissan R33 GTS


 Boyd Octoman    Ren 1.26.21
 Graham Davidson    Subaru STI 1.26.46
 Michael Brittain    HSV 'Z' Series Clubsport R8 1.26.50
 Tony LoCampo  The Tone  VE SSV Commodore 1.26.62
 Jehad Ali    Subaru STI 1.26.79
 Kevin Cooke    Subaru WRX 1.26.91

 Christopher Saunders


 Mitsubishi Evo 9


 Dan Squire    FG Falcon XR6T 1.26.98
 Andrew Monks  Bosco  Ford F6 Typhoon 1.27.20
 Tom Crisa    TBA 1.27.20
 Ben White  KPM_Ben  Nissan S15   1.27.44
 Andrew Monks    Falcon XR6 1.27.48
 Tony Crisa    TBA 1.27.60
 Graham Davidson    Subaru WRX 1.27.67

 Luke Dumbleton


 Holden VX Monaro


 Frank Nicholson  Old Phoon  Ford F6 Typhoon 1.28.04

 Shane Bowering


 Subaru Imprezza


 Daniel Crisa    TBA 1.28.30
 Kent Mayfield    TBA 1.28.31

 Trec Smith


 Holden Maloo Ute


 Rob Henry    Subaru WRX 1.28.70
 Aaron Kirsh    Mazda 3 MPS 1.28.72
 Vonnie Anderson    Ford BF Tornado 1.28.80

 Alex Pikl


 Subaru WRX


 Michael O'Donnell    Holden VY 6 Pack 1.29.02

 Frank Nicholson

 Old Phoon

 Ford F6 Typhoon


 Simon Tscheresch    Holden VY SS 1.29.31
 Michael Harding    Subaru Liberty 1.29.33
 Kerryn Brittain    Monaro 1.29.50
 Ron Steinmuller     BF XR8 Ute 1.29.50

 Allan Carli


 Ford Falcon XR6t Ute


 Dan Cowley    Mits EVO 1.29.80
 Bill Feeney    HSV Coupe 4 1.29.99
 Matt Barlow    VE Clubsport 1.30.00

 David Farley


 Ford Falcon XC Coupe


 Tony Lucas    Subaru WRX 1.30.30
 Tod Obrien    Ford Pursuit 1.30.31
 Sascha Bucher    Ford Focus XR5 1.30.39
 Peter Finch    FPV F6 1.30.42
 Ke Liu    Mitsubishi Evo 1.30.55
 Scott Ware     1.30.71

 Chris Durward


 Subaru Imprezza STi


 John Salter    Nissan Skyline GTS T 1.31.00

 Peter Collins


 Holden VE SS Commodore


 Christine Morris  Christine  Subaru WRX STI 1.31.40
 George Kostomiris    Subaru Liberty 1.31.45
 Darryl Joseph    M3 1.31.62

 Michael Harding


 Subaru Liberty


 Alex Payne    KPM VE SS 1.31.70
 Michael Brinkworth    Nissan 180SX 1.31.90
 Nigel Martin    Subaru WRX 1.31.90
 Alexi Apostolopoulus    Ford XR6 Turbo 1.31.99
 Luke ET  ET_Luke  Mits EVO 132.20
 Ben Clarke    Subaru WRX 1.32.95
 Joe Chung    Subaru WRX 1.33.31
 Tony Fitzsimmons   Fitzy  Holden Monaro 1.33.33
 Todd Moore    Subaru WRX 1.33.35
 Steve Arnold    Holden VZ Senator 1.33.38
 Brett Mitton    Bf XR6 Turbo Ute 1.33.52

 Jeff McDonald


 Ford Falcon AU


 Chris Wakeham    BMW E60 1.34.10

 Rhys Munro


 Ford Escort MK2


 John Kozlovic


 Ford BA Falcon XR6


 Chris Roberts    VS Ute 1.35.73
 Damian Reed  Damo  Toyota Celica LT 1976 1.36.07
 Toby Langley     BMW M5 1.36.10
 George Cavuto    Nissan 350Z 1.36.41
 Troy McCulloy    Honda Civic VTIR 1.36.80

 Mike Rogers


 BMW 320i E46


 Ron Steinmuller Nephew  Nephew Of Ron BF XR8 Ute 138.40

 Jacqui Williams


 Ford Falcon XR6


 Doug Francis


 Holden Commodore VN


 Bart Donaldson    Datsun 1000 1.44.22

 Spencer Allsop


 BMW 320i E46


 Scott Casaretto


 Ford Falcon BAII XR6


 Lee Slessor


 WH Statesman


Timed run Through Wet Turn 1

 Quenten Watkins    Subaru Impreza STI 10.74
 Christopher Saunders    Mitsubishi EVO 9 11.16
 Brian Jewaskiewitz    Subaru STI 11.19
 Sean Day    Subaru  Imprezza STi 11.43
 Matthew Fairweather    Nissan Skyline 11.59
 Damian Cappo    Subaru WRX 11.68
 Craig Burgess    Mitsubishi Evo 11.71
 Ric Collins    Mitsubishi Evo 11.85
 Wayne Pengilly  ToxicF6  Ford F6 Typhoon 11.85
 Ric Collins    Subaru Imprezza STi 11.90
 Ryan Verner    Mitsubishi Evo 11.91
 Alex Pikl    Subaru WRX 11.98
 Darryl Shipway    FG Falcon XR6T 12.27
 Tony Locampo    VE SS Commodore 12.38
 Michael O'Donnell    Holden VY 6 Pack 12.41
 Andrew Monks  Bosco  Ford F6 Typhoon 12.45
 Graham Davidson    Subaru STI 12.55
 John Osborn    Nissan Silvia 12.61
 Scott Lewis    KF TX3 12.61
 Darryl Shipway  Bloosted  Ford F6 Typhoon 12.64 
 Simon Tscheresch    Holden VY SS 12.66
 Jehad Ali    Subaru STi 12.78
 Frank Nicholson  Old Phoon  Ford F6 Typhoon 12.88
 Dan Squire     FG Falcon XR6T 12.99
 Mark Tolfts    Subaru Imprezza WRX Sti 13.04
 Peter Finch    FPV F6 13.05
 Adrian    Holden VT 13.15
 Paul Rogers    Mitsubishi Evo 9 13.26
 Michael Harding    Subaru Liberty 13.27
 Trec Smith    Holden Maloo Ute 13.27
 David Roscio  KPM  KPM VE SSV Commodore 13.31
 Peter Saunders    Nissan R33 GTS 13.31
 Chris Durward  Rexy  Subaru Imprezza STi 13.33
 Scott Stevenson     BA XR8 Falcon 13.37
 Mark Marcheson  ET  Nissan S15 N/A 13.39
 Neville O'Brien    SS Thunder 13.40
 John Salter    Nissan Skyline GTS T 13.44
 Brenton Thorndike    Subaru STI 13.47
 Daniel Crisa     Nissan Skyline R32 13.49
 Barry Hawke    Nissan 300 ZX 13.50
 Aaron Kirsh    Mazda 3MPS 13.54
 Chris Hawkes    VE GTS 13.55
 Ben White  KPM_Ben  Nissan S15 13.57
 Doug Francis    Holden Commodore VN 13.60
 Shane Bowering    Subaru Imprezza 13.67
 Luke Dumbleton    Monaro 13.68
 Sascha Bucher    Ford Focus XR5 13.68
 David Farley    Ford Falcon XC Coupe 13.70
 Jeff McDonald  MACK 06  Ford Falcon AU 13.74 
 Alexi Apostolopoulos    Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo 13.78
 Tony Day    Mustang Saleen 13.79
 Ke Liu    Mitsubishi Evo 13.82
 Damian Reed  Damo  Toyota Celica LT 1976 13.83
 Joe Chung    Subaru WRX 13.84
 Bill Feeney    HSV Coupe 13.87
 Peter Collins    VE Commodore 13.95
 Toby Langley     BMW E39 M3 13.97
 Joshua King    VS Ute 14.05
 Mike Rogers    BMW 320i E46 14.19
 Alan Carli  BAturb  Ford Falcon XR6T Ute 14.39
 Todd Moore    Subaru WRX 14.43
 Vince Taylor  vincexr6t  Ford Falcon XR6T 14.48 
 Andrew Discombe    Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo 14.50 
 John Kozlovic  ATMO SIX  Ford Falcon BA XR6 14.55 
 Ben Clarke    Subaru WRX 14.62
 C Gaetjens     Mitsubishi EVO 6 14.99
 Bart Donaldson    Datsun 1000 15.43
 Tom Crisa    Nissan Skyline GT4 15.45
 Jacqui Williams   XRCHIC  Ford falcon XR6 15.61 
 Kai Ashcroft    Mazda RX7 Series 1 15.66
 Steve Arnold    VZ Senator 15.61
 Lee Slessor    WH Statesman s/c 15.99
George Kostomiris    Subaru Liberty 16.40

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