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BA-BF XR6 Cam Packages

KPM Motorsport is proud to announce our new cam package for the BA-BF N/A 4.0 vehicles. After much development we feel that we now have a camshaft profile that is both suitable for pure street performance as well as street/race.

We wanted a camshaft that would give great increase in mid/top end torque, but not at the expense of any bottom end power. We achieved even more than we were looking for, and after almost 3 days of tuning to say we’re ecstatic with the results would be an understatement!

A long flat torque curve with gains made from 1500 rpm all the way to 6000 rpm. Power peaks at 5800 rpm and continues with out dropping off beyond 6000 rpm.

One of our aims was to retain good idle quality. We designed a camshaft that when tuned correctly will retain good idle with a nice burble as well. Properly tuned this street/race camshaft package makes power increases that you would normally only see from a "tailored to the track race car".

KPM Motorsport 4.0 N/A Camshaft package includes

Power Output With Options Fitted : 250kw at the Flywheel or 180 rwkw 

  • KPM 2x 4.0/250 Series Camshafts
  • KPM Heavy Duty Valve Springs
  • KPM Flash Tuner
  • KPM 2 X 4.0/250 Series Tunes


Supply Only Price: $2595 inc GST Plus Freight

KF38 Cost: $3950 inc. GST  (supplied, fitted and custom tuned)


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