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Holden Performance Brakes – Brake UpgradesAt KPM, we recognise that customer safety is paramount. With any performance enhancement, a suitable brake package should always be considered and we have a range of options to suit.

Modern cars are now leaving the factory much heavier and with much more power than ever before. This is due to all the extra systems on board that make these cars safer, more efficient and more powerful. This would suggest braking systems to suit,
But quite often on many models the brakes are engineered to work to a budget rather than to performance.

We understand that standard brakes become poor brakes when the power levels are increased or when there is extra load or weight on the vehicle. At KPM, we have engineered brake upgrade kits specifically designed for your Holden V8. These kits are developed in upgrade stages from base models, through to HSV and V8 Super Car configurations.

KPM Motorsport technicians have the experience from race track and domestic high performance vehicles to recommend and provide all your braking needs.

KPM use only the highest quality components and guarantee all our brake upgrades.

KH33 KPM Motorsport Performance Series Brake Kit

Holden Performance Brakes – Series Brake KitThe 'Performance Kit' has been specifically developed by Harrop and used by KPM Motorsport as an affordable Performance Upgrade for standard vehicles. 

Exceptional brake performance is achieved through the choice of 343mm (13.5") ventilated front and 343mm (13.5") ventilated rear rotors, combined with two-piece cast aluminium four piston calipers. 

Complimented with our unique "Harrop Red" paint and 12 slots per rotor face as standard for that distinctive Harrop signature look.

Suitable for Performance and Street Applications.

Minimum Wheel Size

Due to the size of the disc rotors used, this kit can only be fitted on vehicles equipped with 17" wheels or larger.


  • Single Piece Directional Front and Rear Rotors have improved cooling, stability and durability.
  • Uses Standard Master Cylinder and ABS Module (where fitted) and Hoses.
  • Optional Approved Braided Brake Hoses are available.

Kit Includes

  • Single Piece 343mm (13.5") Directional Front Rotors (pair)
  • Single Piece 343mm (13.5") Directional Rear Rotors (pair)
  • 4 piston 1.5" x 1.5" Harrop Two Piece Aluminium Front Calipers (pair)
  • 4 piston 1.125" x 1.125" Harrop Two Piece Aluminium Rear Calipers (pair)
  • Brake Pads (8)
  • Exclusive "Harrop Red" Painted Calipers as standard.
  • 12 Slots Per Rotor Face as standard.
  • Bolts, Washers and Mounting Hardware.

Compatible Models

Direct bolt-up Replacement for VT to pre-VE Holden Commodore, Monaro, Ute and Statesman

Cost: AUD $5,250.00 supplied and fitted

VT - VZ Commodore inc. GTO Only

All brake upgrade packages are supplied as complete front and rear kits to ensure correct braking balance is maintained and optimum performance is achieved.

Contact KPM Motorsport for a complete brake package price to suit your vehicle and application.

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Caliper Painting

Holden Performance Brakes – Caliper PaintingAdd a touch of individuality.
Colours include Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Maroon, Orange, Red, Silver and White.
Cost is based per car’s set of calipers (front & rear).

Cost: $352.00 inc. GST


Cross Drilling

Holden Performance Brakes – Cross DrillingGive your car that "Race Car" Look with Cross Drilled Rotors.
Cross drilling is also used to improve cooling and lighten the rotor.
Cost based per car set of rotors (front & rear).

Cost: $450.00 inc. GST

Not recommended for Extended High Speed Applications.


Rotor Grooving

Add that Custom Look with our range of Custom Disc Rotor Slotting Designs.
Rotor Grooving assists in the expulsion of gases between pad and disc surface, enhancing your car’s brake performance.
Cost based per car’s set of rotors (front & rear)

12 grooves: $220.00 inc. GST
24 grooves: $275.00 inc. GST

48 grooves: $440.00 inc. GST
66 grooves: $528.00 inc. GST

Need more information? Feel free to contact us direct through this website.

Holden Performance Brakes Packages Holden Performance Brakes Packages Holden Performance Brakes Packages Holden Performance Brakes Packages