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VT-VZ 5.7/6.0 V8 Supercharger Packages

KPM Motorsport offer two designs of Superchargers for those wanting forced induction for their 5.7 GEN III engines.

Centrifugal Style Side Mount Supercharger

  • The most affordable supercharging kit available
  • Ability to provide huge increases in power with future upgrade kits
  • Available intercooled and non-intercooled
  • ADR approval available
  • Easily fitted and tuned in 2 days

Positive Displacement Top Mount Supercharger

  • Instant power on demand
  • Flat Torque curves provide great power at all engine revolutions
  • Available intercooled and non intercooled
  • ADR Approved design
  • Factory-like performance at idle and cruise
  • Easily fitted and tuned in 2 days

The Benefits of a KPM Positive Displacement Supercharger: 

The KPM Positive Displacement Intercooled Supercharger provides greater feel and performance characteristics over a centrifugal supercharger (e.g. Vortech). This provides you with the throttle response you've been searching for when you put your foot down!

Superchargers are often explained as providing the "SHEER GRUNT AND PERFORMANCE" of the car.

The KPM Supercharger pumps a staggering 1.9 litres of air per engine revolution, enabling your engine to provide serious torque at a low engine rpm. With a KPM Stage 1 Supercharger fitted to your standard LS3, you can get an awesome 795 Nm of torque at only 3,000 rpm!


The KPM Supercharger boasts a patented cast aluminium manifold unit with an "Eaton" designed helical rotor and casting along with internal integrated bypass valves, which virtually eliminate parasitic losses. The KPM Supercharger also uses the latest in intercooler technology and is fitted with an integrated liquid to air system, which ensures boosted cold air intake charge for maximising the internal combustion system to achieve increased power and performance.

Engine PCM Computer and R&D

KPM has designed, written and thoroughly tested a PCM program to specifically suit all applications and configurations in Australia’s harsh conditions. This type of research and development has evolved from hours of testing across a wide variety of LS1,LS2 LS98  and now LS3 vehicles from utes, sportswagons  to HSV Coupe 4's. KPM is committed to providing its customers with the best product available using the latest technology, expertise and equipment.


The KPM Supercharger system has been designed specifically to fit under the bonnet and provide maximum performance WITHOUT any modifications to the vehicle.

Fuel Economy

With the KPM internal bypass valve system, customers can experience a noticeable gain in cruise economy *(for example approx. 10.5 Litres/per 100km @ 100k/ph cruise speed on the highway).


1 year on supercharger components only.

KH23 KPM LS1 Stage1 Centrifugal Supercharger Kit

The KPM supplied and fitted Vortech package is for the budget-conscious LS1 owner who wants a proven bolt-on "Drive in Drive out" supercharger package. The Vortech Silent Supercharger runs 6psi boost and has proven ADR compliance for both drive cycle and drive-by-noise testing.

With 280 rwkw of power at under 6200rpm, the KPM Stage 1 supercharger package is engineered for our entry level into supercharger upgrades on your LS1 vehicle. After many years of tuning and upgrading the LS1, both on dyno and track, KPM has developed a package that delivers exceptional sound, drive, and of course, optimum power and performance for your dollar.

These packages have been developed as the most compatible for your LS1, allowing for value for money with no guess work. As a KPM customer, you drive in knowing exactly what upgrades you are expected to receive. We confidently handle the rest and all that is left is for you to ENJOY the performance.

Of course if you have any specific needs, we are quite happy to discuss these with you so feel free to call us any time!!

Cost: $8900.00 fitted and tuned


  • Fuel system upgrade
  • Intercooler upgrade
  • Throttle body upgrade

Should you require more power, KPM can provide further options as listed.


  • Smooth, Quiet Power
  • Improved Fuel Economy
  • ADR complied
  • Complete kit supplied
  • Ability to upgrade
  • Transferable to a new car
  • Retains good re-sale value

This package price is "DRIVE IN - DRIVE OUT" and includes all product fitment, ECU and re-mapping.

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KH24 KPM VT-VZ LS1/ LS2  Stage 1 Harrop Supercharger Kit


 Increase VT-VZ LS1 to 360 Kw 

  Increase VZ LS2 to 400 kw 

  • KPM Harrop HTV1900 Supercharder 
  • KPM PCM Tune
  • KPM Standard Accessory Kit
  • Harrop Dealer Fitmant 

Cost: $10,980.00 fitted and custom tuned

Upgrade takes 2 days


Water to Air Intercooling



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KH25 KPM LS1/LS2 VT-VZ  Stage 2 Harrop HTV2300 Supercharger Kit


VT-VZ LS1 Increase to 430kw

VZ LS2 Increase to 500kw

  • KPM Harrop HTV2300  Supercharger Kit  
  • KPM Standard Accessory Kit
  • KPM Liquid to Air Radiator
  • KPM Blueprint Hi Flow Injectors X8
  • KPM Camshaft Package
  • KPM Valve Springs
  • KPM 2 Bar Map Sensor
  • KPM High Boost Pulley kit

Cost: $16,935.00 fitted and custom tuned   

Upgrade takes 3 days


KPM Engine Building LS.JPG

Easy 6 Months Interest Free Finance Now Available !