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KPM LS Edit Performance Tuning

The KPM LS Edit lets you re-program your car's engine management computer from the manufacturer's specifications. Due to various Australian Design Rule (ADR) restrictions, manufacturers are forced to constrain the engine's full potential. The KPM LS Edit allows you to alter and realise the full potential of your engine. On a standard engine, the KPM LS Edit can provide up to 30 kilowatts extra at the rear wheels.

More importantly, the KPM LS Edit allows us to modify your car's computer to make the most of any mechanical modifications.

KPM LS Edit Full Tune

KPM LS Edit Full Tune allows standard vehicles with performance exhaust systems/cold air intake set-ups to take advantage of untapped potential from the LS1/LS2/L76/L98/LS3 engines. This method will generate an extra 20 kilowatts or more. KPM LS EDIT is custom tuned on our Dyno-Dynamics dynamometer, which provides for optimum performance for your individual car instead of merely plugging in cables and uploading data.

In the KPM LS EDIT FULL TUNE, we re-map fuel, ignition curves and injector scaling to get the optimum power and driveability. In tuning, we work on volumetric efficiency, power enrichment, low/high octane ignition tables, IAT load correction cat overtemp protection recalibration, maximum torque – torque management reset, abuse mode recalibration, fan temperature switch control, transmission shift control, speed limiter (VU series only), fan speed switching, MAF error code removal and more.

What this all means to you is:
More Power and Performance

KPM LS Edit Full Tune: $990
KPM MAF Upgrade Option: $550


KPM LS1 Edit Mafless Tune

The KPM LS1 Edit Mafless Tune allows a further increase to your car’s performance. The standard MAF tube and air box can be replaced with a full ram air intake system, which removes restrictions and allows for fine throttle response tuning. We custom tune all LS1 Edits on our dyno to achieve the optimum performance rather than simply loading the edit.With our Mafless tune we can achieve up to 30 extra rwkw.

This covers all aspects of the KPM LS1 Edit Full Tune and requires in depth transmission calibration on automatic transmission vehicles.

Cost: $1250 inc. GST and Maf Pipe

KPM LS Edit Custom Tune

The KPM LS Edit Custom Tune is suited to vehicles with performance cams/head or supercharger upgrades.

If you've done any engine modifications or have competition or racing in mind, we can custom tune your vehicle to produce the optimum performance using all of your modifications. The end result can be most satisfying!

This covers everything in the KPM LS1 Edit Mafless Tune. We also re-map fuel, ignition and injector scaling on our dyno, adjusting most parameters to achieve the best results.

Cost: $1250 inc. GST (hourly rate on dyno)
KPM Maf Upgrade Option: $550


KPM GM LS Flash Tuner / Mail Order Tuning VT-VE Commodore

If you are unable to bring your car to our workshop, we can supply you our latest GM LS Flash Tuner device.

KPM simply load the device with 3 tunes to suit your VT-VE V8 Commodore. We will then freight direct to you. 

Upon receiving the device you plug into your cars computer port and load the selected KPM performance tune.

Upload load takes 4 mins, unplug and done!  The device will also store your standard factory stock tune. You can select from any of the 3 KPM performance tunes supplied and stock tune infinite times.

Tunes supplied are

98 Octane Full Performance Tune

95 Octane Performance / Economy Tune

Valet Tune with 4000 rpm limiter

Without Custom Tuning your vehicle, the results will vary slightly but will be similar to the KPM LS Edit Full Tune.

Price: $895 Plus $20 Freight
Total $915 

KPM LS Edits come with printed before and after results.

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