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Performance Brakes

At KPM, we recognise that customer safety is paramount. With any performance enhancement, a suitable brake package should always be considered and we have a range of options to suit.

In particular, KPM recommends our Massive 2 piece Front and Rear Directional Vane Rotor set-up with aluminium hat centres. In this package, front are Aluminium 6 Piston Calipers with 4 Piston Aluminium at the rear all in your choice of colour.

We upgrade the Brake fluid with our Motorsport 610 Degree High Temperature Road and Race Specification. Optional Braided Hoses are available and recommended. This upgrade performs above that supplied on the top of the range HSV models.


Front Rotors

  •  355mm (13.98”), 2-Piece, 48 vane directional rotors, 32mm (1.26”) thick,
     12 slots (standard)

Rear Rotors

  •  355mm (13.98”), 2-Piece, 36 vane directional rotors, 28mm (1.10”) thick,
     12 slots (standard)

Front Calipers

  •  4 Piston monobloc aluminium calipers available in RED ONLY

Rear Calipers

  •  4 Piston monobloc aluminium calipers available in RED ONLY


  •  Caliper brackets (2), brake pads (8), bolts, washers and mounting hardware


With new manufacturing techniques allowing a consolidated caliper design the Harrop Monobloc 
kit provides improved progressive braking. Due to its single piece (Monobloc) construction the caliper is
 stiffer, requiring less pedal effort. Big brake pads front and rear have been included, providing a longer
 pad life combined with 3 point pinpad location making for easy installation and replacement.

Harrop innovation has also integrated an internal bridge pipe removing the need for an external bridge pipe
 which is susceptible to damage

Vehicle Application Guide

  •  VE Holden
  •  Min 18” wheel size required
  •  Sweep profile template available to confirm wheel suitability
  •  Calipers available in RED only
  •  Note: Images are for illustration purposes only

Fitted and Supplied

$6435.00 Including Factory Warranty Protection*/ $5485.00 Excluding Warranty


Upgrade Takes 1 Day


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  KPM Care Limited Driveline Warranty*

KH10 Package 2:  KPM by Harrop Ultimate Brake Kit


  • Front KPM by  Harrop 381mm x 32mm Supercar Slotted Rotors
  • Anodized High Strength Alloy Centre Hats and Brackets
  • Front KPM by Harrop Racing 6 Piston Supercar Calipers                                          
  • High Performance  High Density Brake Fluid


  • Rear KPM by Harrop 356 mm x28 mm Slotted Rotors
  • Rear KPM by Harrop 4 Piston Calipers
  • High Performance High Density Brake Fluid

 Fitted and Supplied:

$7776.00 Including Factory Warranty Protection*/ $6826.00 Excluding Warranty


       Upgrade Takes 1 Day

    KPMFront380mmBrakesbyHarrop1-2[1].jpg       KPMRearBrakeKitByHarrop-2[1].jpg

   Min 19 Inch Wheels  Required  

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* KPM Care Limited Driveline Warranty


   Holden & Ford Braided lines
      Improved safety and enhanced performance
      Eliminates pedal sponginess under firm/heavy braking
      Made with highest quality stainless steel braided tube
      Abrasion and Corrosion resistant
    Product description
      Coupled with the Harrop Ultimate Brake Kit, braided lines will help you achieve super car
      braking performance through improved pedal feel and braking distance. Each line is pressure tested
      at 3000PSI and is made with the highest quality materials, making the lines extremely durable
    Vehicle Application Guide
      Holden and Ford Models
      Compatible with all brake fluid
    Supply Only
    Ford Braided Lines       $382.00   
    KPM Cross drilling x 4   $585.00   
 Easy 6 Months Interest Free Finance Now Available !
* KPM Care Limited Driveline Warranty


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